Sam + Susy

17. 11. 10

Monica, Carlos and the entire MKL team are amazing!!!. We are very happy with our photos and video. Our wedding was in Cartagena which is a magical place and Monica and her team were able to capture that magic in the photos and video. They also worked very closely with us to ensure that every detail and moment from the wedding was capture. Thank you MKL team!!! Susy M. Mikhail

Wonderful experience working with MKL. Funny, charismatic, energetic, thoughtful team. And best of all their outcome speaks for their hard work. Thank you to the entore MKL team, Beautiful!! Sam Mikhail

Wedding´s Sam And Susy, , Original production by MKLStudio

Productor/Filmmaker: Carlos Nieto, Photo and Direction by Monica Leguizamón assists By Andrés and Javier Correa, Video second shooter: Andrés Correa, Location: Hotel Movich, Drone: Leo Molina and Andrés Achury.

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